17 Best FaceRig Alternatives to Create your Animated Character

17 Best Facerig Alternatives to create your digital embodiment

Trying new and crazy stuff is the best way to explore things from a different perspective. And if you’re a person who loves animation, want to control animated characters with your facial expressions. Then this list of 17 best FaceRig alternatives has just been curated for you. Because, if you’re reading this article, then you must have familiar with the Digital Embodiment.

Where you can customize an animated character and can control his/her facial expressions through your ones. And it looks very funny & enjoyable. So if you’re in a mood to create your digital embodied character. That makes a totally different personality with the help of your webcam.

17 Best Facerig Alternatives to Create your Animated Character

17 Best Facerig Alternatives to create your digital embodiment

Then stick with this article, because we’re going to cover some of the best Facerig alternatives. That allows you to customize your digital copy on a whole new level. And also, can record your video which you can upload on various social media handles with just a single click. Even though Facerig is more than enough for all your needs.

But why should we rely on a single platform, when we’re in an ocean of choices. So without any delays, let’s start the countdown of 17 Best FaceRig alternatives. That helps you create your digital embodiment.


Muvizu is one of the best facerig alternatives in 2020

Just like FaceRig, Muvizu is also an amazing animation website. That allows you to create your digital embodiment without any hustle. You can easily create animated figures in minutes without wasting your time. And all the features will be available on your fingertips. So that you’ll be animating things like a pro.

Further, the website is one of the best premium Facerig alternatives right now. And after using the trial version of this cool digital embodiment website. You can also try the premium version. That allows you to control your videos more efficiently.

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mocapx is one of the best facerig alternatives

If you have an iPhone and crazy about animation. Then Mocapx is a name you’re searching for ages. Because Mocapx connects your smartphone’s camera to the computer through your data cable. And boom, you’re ready to go. Because with the help of your iPhone’s camera. You can easily move facial expressions of your animated avatar.

And even can animate different types of characters without having good knowledge of animation. Although the best part of this one of the best Facerig alternatives is. That you can access it without having an internet connection. Because it uses your smartphone’s camera and already downloaded the basic files this software need.

F Clone

F clone is also one of the best facerig alternatives

An amazing and one of the best Facerig alternatives. That just needed your camera to record mind-blowing animated videos. Because here you’re free to do anything from making videos to games and from movies to short video clips. Everything is available and easy to get completed on this Facerig alternatives.

More than 21 characters are available to use in your eye-catchy videos. Moreover, the face catching accuracy is better than any other Facerig alternatives on this list. However, it’s also paid and after a period of time. You’ve to purchase the premium plan to use it like a pro.

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Gravity is a perfect Facerig alternative where you can create your digital embodiment for Ethereum. In Gravity, you’ll get hundreds of tools to create your avatar like never before. And even can do things like dancing, singing, and giving a hi-five.

Moreover, you’ll get hundreds of things to customize like eyes, hairstyles, nose, and more. So be ready to customize your avatar and make it your doppelganger in seconds.

Face FX

Face Fx is one of the best facerig alternatives

Face Fx is a perfect tool to create animated characters without any hustle. Because here you can directly add your audio to the animated video. And start uploading it right away. Afterward, you’ll notice your character is now talking just like you. And even can upload your videos on various social media channels.

You can use most of the features without paying a single penny. But in the free version, you won’t be allowed to export or save your animated video. it means if you’re in a mood to feel its true power. Then you’ve to invest some bucks on this Facerig alternative first. After that, you can use the face graph feature. That helps you to control your animated character more easily.


Blender Facerig alternatives on our list

It’s free and one of the best Facerig alternatives. That allows you to turn your still image into a live motion video. Also, the app is an open-source platform. That makes it free and easy to access for anyone in the world. The app offers things like simulation, animation, rigging, modeling, and a lot more things to its users.

Also, it’s available on most of the operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. That makes your work easy pissy. Moreover, this one of the best Facerig alternatives has a lot of things. That I can’t mention in this whole article. So try it by yourself, after all, it’s free to use.

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houdini is one of the best facerig alternatives

Houdini is an amazing Facerig alternative. That’s run on a node-based system, where you’ll be controlling your characters through mapping of nodes. I know it sounds a little technical and hard to cope-up with. But once you get familiar with this tool. Then there’s no looking back.

Because creating animation and controlling their movement is very easy. And you can directly share your work with colleagues to save your precious time. Furthermore, this tool is also available for free. And anyone can directly download and use it without any restriction. So if you have prior experience of animation. Then you must try this one of the best Facerig alternatives for your needs.

Animation Master

Animation Master is a video creator app

From 2d images to 3d animation, this Facerig alternative is ready to do anything on your command. Because this amazing software was developed by Hash Inc. Which is a very big company in the animation field. Also, the app is pretty easy to use and always makes your work amazing with its features.

Because all the options are available on your fingertips. That makes your work easy. Therefore, you just need an idea in your head. And rest will be done by this one of the best Facerig alternatives. So be ready to create your own animated world with help of Animation Master.


Ready to capture your face and turn it into a digital copy? If yes, then VUP is one of the best Facerig alternatives. That turns your face into a beautiful digital character. You can easily move your character through your facial expressions. And customize it in your own way.

Because all the customization tools will be available on your dashboard. And you can directly customize animations in real-time. That helps you to monitor your work directly without wasting your time. Also, this alternative does have amazing face capture accuracy. That makes your video more realistic.

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Plotagon is one of the best facerig alternatives right now

A fascinating tool that’s available on platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. You can start animating videos after choosing your character. And customize it like you’re dressing. And after that, you can simply write lines that your character will do or speak.

Furthermore, you’ll get 200 plus different types of scenarios. On which you can make your videos. Although not all the scenarios will be free. And you’ve to pay for most of them to use. But still, if you’re searching some of the best Facerig alternatives. Then Plotagon is a perfect tool that works seamlessly fine without any error.

Movie Storm

Moviestorm animted video maker

Whether you’re a student or a marketer. Movie Storm is an outstanding animation tool. That allows you to create animated videos in different scenarios. You can easily create and name your characters on this platform. And start animating your dream movie right away.

Moreover, the app is paid but you can also try the free version. That allows you to create animated movies for 14 days. After that trial period, you can purchase this tool if you like it. Because you’ll be overwhelmed by the features it provides. To make your own animated movie.


iclone facerig is a webcam video maker

If you want to become a pro animation artist. Then iClone is a perfect Facerig alternative for you. Because this software is made up of the latest technology. That helps you to create up to the mark 3d animated videos. And you can directly render them as well as upload your videos on various social media handles.

The tool works fine on high-end PCs. And you can create animated videos in the format of layers. That makes your work easy and creates animated videos on the next level. Although you may need to unlock all the features by paying some bucks for this one of the best Facerig alternatives. But trust me it’s worth paying your money and time.


Gabsee isn’t a perfect Facerig alternative. Because it works like Bitmoji of Snapchat. The form in which you can use the AR(Augmented Reality) to put your animated character in the real world. And that’s a little funny for those who love funny but animated videos.

Because you can easily open up your camera. And start recording your animated character on your food or maybe the laptop. You can customize your character from the skin tone to the hairstyle. Everything is customizable in this app. Which is available on both the platforms Android & iOS.

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Lightwave 3D

lightwave 3d is one of the best animation video maker

Lightwave 3D is a tool that’s used in creating animated graphics. You can create characters for games, videos, and many more. Although you must have knowledge of animation and character creation. Because Lightwave isn’t for newbies or beginners. But if you’ve expertise in this field.

And want to upgrade your skills. Then Lightwave is a perfect choice for you. Also, this Facerig alternative have a lot more tools than that of any other on this list. So be ready to unleash animator inside you, waiting to create things that the world wants to see.


Pawtoon is one of the best websites to make animated videos

Unlike any other tool, website, or software on this list. Powtoon offers pre-made videos to edit on their own website. And you can start editing that video right away. You can’t make animated videos like Facerig or Blender. But still, if you want hassle-free work and normal videos for your campaigns.

Then Powtoon could be a perfect Facerig alternative for you. You can directly use templates for your videos. And some small types of animation are also available to make your videos enduring. However, it’s also a paid tool. But still, you can curate amazing videos on the free version as well.


Moovly is one of the best video animator

An easy drag and drop online animated video maker is here. Moovly is one of the best Facerig alternatives. If you’re willing to create your animation videos from scratch and with time. Because here you’ve to work on layers. And adjusting them to curate the perfect video you need isn’t an easy task.

However, after some time you’ll be using it like a pro. Because of its easy to understand interface. But still, you’ve to invest some time before creating amazing animated videos from this Facerig alternative. Furthermore, if you’re a lazy person just like me. Then you can also use pre-made templates from its gallery to create your videos.

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