10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

While texting someone Emoji is the best way to express your feelings in the message box. I really use emojis very much because they allow me to tell people what exactly I’m thinking or in what mood I’m in right now. That’s why I’ve curated this list of 10 best emoji apps for android users.

Emoji was invented by a Japnese artist whose name is Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 and the first phone which is carrying Emojis with it was the J-Phone which was released in the late 90s but the phone was a flop because it was very expensive at that time.

10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

In today’s world, emojis are just lighting up our conversation with other people in chats because we can express our feeling without writing the whole sentence.

Even a single emoji can explain your whole mood to a person in seconds. I also use emoji very much because they help me to express my feelings in a chat because text can’t give expressions and feelings of a person who is chatting with you.

The interesting part about emoji is that there is a modern art museum in New York City and here is the collection of original emojis there is a total of 176 emoji in the museum.

But an emoji can tell all small things in a few time and that is great right.

So today we’ll talk about the best emoji apps for android to express our feelings.

Elite Emoji

10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

Elite Emoji comes here to fulfill your dreams. This android apps is awesome and rocking the play store. In this application, you’ll get 2000+ emoji in different categories which are awesome. I really like the sharing feature of this application.

You can create your own emoji with this application and share it with your friends on any platform. You can even set that emoji as your wallpaper. While using this application you can access a big chunk of GIFS out there.

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Emoji Keyboard

10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

I know lots of people are very lazy and want to access things fastly and easily. So here comes a keyboard that is totally dedicated to emoji and for emoji lovers. In the emoji keyboard basically, it looks like an ordinary keyboard. 

but when you open its emoji section then you’d feel the awesomeness of this application. 1000+ emojis are available there for you and 1000+ keyboards themes are waiting for you.


10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

How many of us are using Gboard if they are having an android smartphone? the answer is very few. why because people want always something different and this application is also trying to give you the best it could.

Gboard is an awesome keyboard with awesome features like slide typing and emoji. Emoji are available in this keyboard and they are very awesome this keyboard predicts emoji automatically according to your sentence which is a very cool feature. And in this application, you can search GIFS and emojis around the world.

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10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

A dedicated bar above the keyboard in this application is only for your creativity. Swiftkey is one of my favorite keyboards in the Google play store. You can create and customize emoji according to your need and mood.

This app allows you to use your own picture in the emoji and you can search different types of GIFS in this keyboard. Calendar, Incognito mode, and many features are already free in this application.


10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

Here comes the best ever keyboard I’ve ever used in my life. I’ve been using Fleksy keyboard since 2015 and still, it looks so good while using it. Emoji and stickers of this application are so awesome.

Emoji of this application are easy to find and using them is much more fun. You can find stickers and GIFS from this application. I’d really recommend you to download this application if you want to increase your mobile typing as well.

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10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

Hey, if you’re an Android user and want to use emojis like iPhone emojis then you must use Textra because this application allows you to send iPhone emojis from your android smartphone. In Textra you’ll get 2900+ emojis which is way more than any other app.

There are so many types of emoji in Textra you can choose whatever style you want and then just send emojis to your friend. Even you can change the color of every single emoji which is available in this application.


10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

Here comes another app that offers you so many emojis and a lot of features. Facemoji is a keyboard on which you can send people emoji and stickers very easily. In Facemoji you can send combo emoji by long-pressing that particular emoji.

In this app, you can put your picture on the keyboard. The whole keyboard is yours you can customize it according to your needs. While playing games this app helps you a lot because Facemoji adjusts itself according to the game.

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10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

Using Bitmoji is fun because this app is totally dedicated to the emoji, stickers, and GIFS. If you’re a Snapchat user then you must know about this application because you can make an avatar of yourself and share it on your Snapchat DP.

In this application, you’ll find a very vast library of GIFS, sticker, and emojis. If you use Bitmoji with Snapchat then you can unlock a feature of it which is known as Friendmoji in which you can create an avatar of yourself with your friend.


10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

Giphy claims that they have the largest library of Gifs, sticker, and emojis and I also think the same about this application. Giphy is totally dedicated to the Emoji and Gifs. And that’s why this app is on our best emoji apps for android list.

In this application, you can make gifs from your camera and send it to your friends. In this app, you’ll see so many categories where you can find the best Gifs according to your mood and send them to your friends and family.

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Kika Keyboard

10 Best Emoji Apps For Android

Kika Keyboard comes up with a very smooth and lovely design. In this application, you’ll 3000+ themes. Stickers and Emoji are also very cool in this application. The sound of this keyboard is very awesome and cool.

Kika Keyboard supports 60+ languages which are also very good because if you prefer to text in your own language then the Kika keyboard will help you there. you can send any type of GIFS, stickers and many more.

So here is the list of 10 Best emoji apps for android users 

I hope you guys will like this article.

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