15 Best Custom ROMs for Android to Make your Smartphone Cooler

best custom roms for android to make your smartphone cooler

Android is the biggest operating system in the world. With a market share of 74.13% in the fall of 2019. And it’s still growing at a rapid pace. So if you’re also using this OS, then you’ve some amazing options. And features to customize it in your own way. However, this becomes possible, because Android is an Open Source Project. That every developer could customize in their own ways. So that’s why we’ve curated this article. About 15 Best Custom ROMs for android to make your smartphone cooler.

Because unlike iOS, you can install and use different types of ROMs. And try them to check whether they satisfy your needs or not. Also, a lot of big companies like Lineage and Havoc create the best custom ROMs for android. With regular updates and security patches. Because many smartphone companies only provide updates to their smartphones for a 1 or 2-year period.

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best custom roms for android to make your smartphone cooler

But what will happen, if your smartphone is older than that? So in this case these custom ROMs come into the frame. Because as I said earlier, they provide regular updates and security patches from time to time. To their users to never feel left behind in their own community.

So without taking too much time. Let’s start the countdown of 15 best custom ROMs for android to make your smartphone cooler.

Pixel Experience

This one of the best custom ROMs for android is curated for people. Who loves Pixel smartphones. But ain’t able to get one for themselves. Just because those smartphones are pretty expensive. And even in some countries, they ain’t available. So to feel the real experience of Pixel phones this is the ROM you need. In your android smartphone.

The first thing to note about this custom ROM is, that it supports a lot of smartphones. From low specification to the high specification one. Every major smartphone supports this ROM. With good stability and performance. Even the design of this custom ROM looks very smooth like the official Pixel smartphone.

Although you’d face some type of bugs and errors. But this thing won’t be able to irritate you. Because Pixel Experience have developers from all around the world. That works day and night to keep Pixel Experience bug and error-free. And this is the thing an android user need.

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I’ve been using Redmi smartphones for at least 5 straight years. And still, I love the interface they provide in their ROMs. I know, that they’re the soft copy of iOS’ interface. But MIUI provides a lot more customization features. Than any other custom ROM. Also after using MIUI for more than five years. I still don’t know. That, how many features are there in the closet of MIUI.

Because with every update they introduce features that make your smartphone new again. And if you’re thinking that this guy is mad. Just because MIUI is only available for Redmi Smartphones. Then here, I want to correct you guys. Because as I said earlier, Android is an Open Source project of Google. And anyone could customize it according to their needs.

That’s why there are a lot of developers working very hard. To make MIUI available for other smartphone users as well. So if you want to feel the power of Android. Then don’t wait and download. This one of the best custom ROMs for Android smartphones.

Evolution X

So Evolution X is a ROM that works smoothly with so many features. And after Pixel Experience and MIUI. This is the most stable ROM available on the internet. However, while using this Custom ROM on your android smartphone. It does feel like you’re running Ressurection Remix Rom with good finishing.

But you can simply feel the difference in features and options. Furthermore, you can customize things from fonts to the status bar. And from icons to its normal gesture. Everything is customizable and under your control.

Also, change the status bar tiles to make them cooler. Moreover, the ROM does offer features like low battery consumption. And low resource consumption. But still, sometimes you’d feel that your smartphone is now over customized in some cases. So be ready to make your smartphone what you want.

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Havoc is a balanced Custom ROM. That fits for people who love simple looking smartphone. Or just want to test their creativity skills on their android phones. Because here, you’re free to let your phone run in simple-looking features just like Pixel Experience ROM. Or customize it like Evolution X Custom Rom. To make it cooler and bolder.

Also, the Havoc ROM does consume battery a little extra. But it’ll get handy after using it for days. Because you won’t be able to notice the minor difference in battery drainage. Moreover, you can customize things like status bars, fonts. And even small things like change logos and all.

And the square looking status tiles look pretty good. If you don’t prefer circle tiles on your status bar. Because I’m getting bored with these boring round tiles. So maybe you should also try this one of the best custom ROMs for android. To get the experience of true android.

AOSP Extended

AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project. And because of this open-source project. we’re able to see this many custom ROMs available for Android. And the most important thing about this custom ROM is. That it’s one of the most downloaded ROMs available on the internet.

And even people who have good knowledge about ROMs. Always use this one for their customization needs. And this is because this ROM provides amazing features. Like changing your navigation bar, change the icon of tiles. And even change the type of colors of Network and battery.

Furthermore, a lot of types of gestures are available in this custom ROM. To make your experience a little more enjoyable and happy. So don’t forget to check out this one of the best custom ROMs for android. If you’re a first time user of these kinds of stuff.


Paranoid is one of the oldest custom ROMs for Android. And still, it’s rocking the ROM market with its simple and sleek features. Although you won’t be able to customize a lot of things like any other ROM in this list. But still, the stability and performance it provides is the best thing. You can get from a custom ROM.

Also, the design and interface of this ROM. Are very simple just like the real android version. And a good gaming performance than any other custom ROM. Furthermore, this ROM does support the in-screen fingerprint scanner. And response of its fingerprint scanner is very fast.

Also, a lot of features like screen recording and stuff like that. Are by default available in this ROM. So just like AOSP, if you’re in love with the simple-looking design. Then Paranoid is just came up for you. To fulfill your wishes by its super lovely design.

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In the Custom ROMs market, Lineage is a name that every android owner knows. Because it’s one of the oldest ROMs available in the market. But Lineage isn’t the real name of this ROM. Because at the initial stages, it was known as the Cyanogen ROM. But the company that maintained this OS had shut down.

And stopped working or maintaining it. So the developer community of the world starts working on it. And keep this legendary ROM alive. And they rename it with Lineage OS. So from that day, we know it as the Lineage.

However, it’s maintained by a community of developers. But still, it has the biggest maintaining team with over 150 plus officially supported devices. And the thing that makes it different from other custom ROMs is. That other big ROM developers also use its source code to make their own custom ROMS.


Omni OS is not a famous custom ROM. That is used by millions or we just say thousands of people in the world. But still, I’ve included this on our list. Because of its simplicity and easy to use interface. The home screen looks pretty cool with similar gestures to the Pixel smartphones.

But you’d feel the small customizable features of this ROM. Like you can change the size of icons, change color. Or even change the whole icon itself to make it more wallpaper friendly. Also, put your favorite things on the lock screen to never miss any important info.

Furthermore, you can use the in-screen fingerprint scanner as well. That works very fine with a yellow flash on the screen. And if you have a smartphone with up to 18-watt fast charging. Then you don’t have to worry about anything. Because it does support fast charging up to 18 watts.

MSM Extended

A very nice and one of the best custom ROMs for android is here. MSM Extended comes up with unique animations. And we can say lovely graphics. Also, the MSM Extended is a pretty new ROM then other ones on our list. But still, it works smoothly on most of the android devices.

Also, you can customize everything like any other ROM. From typography/fonts to icon color and size. Everything is available at your fingertips. Moreover customizing it isn’t a very big deal. Because all the important tools can be found. In the home screen of this ROM.

And even a lot of features I’m not able to cover in this article. So if you’re a person who loves geeky things. Then go ahead and try this one of the best custom ROMs for android.

Bliss ROM

This custom ROM is known for its lovely animation and unique design. I personally like the boot animation of Bliss ROM. Because its a little flashy with Bliss logo. Although this custom ROM is also a little new in the market. But still, it offers amazing features to its users.

Also, Bliss creates ROMs not only for android devices. But also, for tablets, Windows, and many more. Even things get more easier with its Blissify app. That helps you to manage all your customization needs in seconds.

Like you can customize animations, gestures, navbar, and many more from that Blissify app. So check out this one of the best custom ROMs for android. If you’re looking for something new with unique customizing features. And easy to handle stuff.

Dirty Unicorn

So here comes another one of the oldest players in this list. Dirty Unicorn is is a ROM that has been up and running for years. Also, a lot of loyal fans are also there to support this amazing custom ROM. Furthermore, this product have a very powerful team behind it.

That works day and night to keep this one of the best custom ROMs for android But and hassle-free. Also, you’d find a very powerful navbar in this ROM. That has almost most of the features at your fingertips. And easy to use interface to control your smartphone easily.

Although there’s nothing that much left to say about this custom ROM. but still, I’d recommend you to use this. If you love stable and well-performing ROM on your android smartphone.

Ressurection Remix

Resurrection Remix is also an old ROM with amazing features. And a lovely interface that looks beautiful. Also, unlike any other Custom ROM. It has a ton of features that you can easily use. It simply means that you’ll be going to find features from all the other ROMS.

I know these things sound cool right? but the only thing that will make you sad is. That the company officially closed this ROM from their side. And now only a bunch of developers are responsible to make this ROM up and running.

But don’t worry, because these developers are very active. And always working very hard to make this. One of the best custom ROMs for android unique and powerful. So I personally recommend this ROM to people who love customization on the next level.

Boot Leggers

A very nice ROM that works just fine in most of the android devices. Also, it’s one of the best custom ROMs for android. That have the best animations available for its users. And also, if you don’t have good creative skills. Then you’d simply go and check out its theme pack.

That has some amazing themes with lovely animations and gestures. Furthermore, the inbuilt theme also looks pretty decent. With a blackish finish and gradient tiles in the status bar. Moreover, you can see a small image in your status bar.

That looks amazing and pretty on your smartphone. And the best thing in this one of the best custom ROMs for android is. That it has amazing in-built fonts and many more things, to make its users happy.

CR Droid

A very stable ROM with minimalistic features. And a carbon copy of Pixel Smartphones. CRdroid is basically a gaming ROM with amazing performance. And if you’re a gamer like me. Then you’re definitely going to love this ROM.

However, this ROM doesn’t provide a ton of customization options to its users. But still, the features it provides are the essential ones. It means the features are more than enough for a person. Who loves customization with simplicity in their smartphones.

And the best part of this custom ROM is that. It has a dedicated developers team. That is working very hard to make it flourish in the Custom ROMs market. Also, if you’re an old android smartphone owner, who have phones like Poco F1 and more. Then here’s good news for you. Because it supports a lot of old smartphones as well.

Arrow OS

One of the simplest ROM is here. Arros OS is also a carbon copy of Pixel Smartphones. Because it looks very neat and clean. Furthermore, the ROM works very fine in most of the android devices. Because it’s very lightweight. And as I said earlier, it has features in the minimalistic mode.

And all the other things are similar to the other ROMs. So I don’t have that much to tell you about this one. But it does have good features that you should use on your smartphone.

So check out this one of the best custom ROMs for android. That’ll make your smartphone bolder and cooler in front of your friends and colleagues.

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