10 Best Cooking Games for PC to Become a Master Chef

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Everyone knows cooking isn’t a child’s play. And to be a true master chef, one has to practice day & night, right? But, I’d say a “big No” here. Because I’ve curated a perfect list of Best Cooking Games for PC. And some Restaurant Games for PC as well, who loves cooking and wants to become a chef.

Because cooking games are one of the best ways to relax your mind. Although some of them are frustrating as well. But the environment and gameplay, they provide are definitely amazing. Therefore, cooking games are widely played by players from the age group of 5 to 60.

10 Best Cooking Games for PC to Become a Master Chef

Best Cooking Games for PC to become a true master chef

So if you’re ready to curate some mouth-watering iconic dishes. And spread the word about your very own hotel in the world. Then stick with this list of best cooking games for PC. And the best restaurant games for PC.

Because after reading this, you’ll be making delicious food. And will be able to manage the biggest restaurants in the world, without having prior experience in this particular field. So without wasting any second. Let’s dive into the list of best cooking games for PC.

Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator is one of the best Cooking Games for PC and one of the best restaurant games for pc

A masterpiece that turns you into a Masterchef is here. Cooking Simulator is one of the best cooking games for PC. And of course, it’s one of the best restaurant games for PC. Because here you’ll be managing a restaurant in a beautifully crafted world. The game is a First-person cooking game, where you’ll be slicing stuff.

That has to be turned into a tasty cuisine. And because of hundreds of things to make a dish. You’ll have to face endless problems to make a perfect dish. The game has two different modes the career and sandbox mode. In the former one, you’ll be managing a hotel and developing relations with customers.

And in the latter one, everything will be available at your work station in the beginning. As a result, your task is to try new things for customers to make them happy.

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Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is one of the best cooking games for pc and one of the best restaurant games for pc

The gameplay of this one of the best cooking games for PC is pretty simple. You’ve to fulfill customers’ orders in the given time. And of course, it’ll help you to earn some points and manage the reputation of your restaurant. But don’t get yourself deceived by this statement.

Because Overlooked 2, looks pretty simple but it’s actually a frustrating game. Where without cooperation with your team. You’ll be facing defeat or nothing. Because curating dishes isn’t that easy. And you’ve to get them before the conveyer belt takes them off.

Even reaching that so-called conveyer belt isn’t that easy. Because with every level you’ll be witnessing a whole new scenario. Which makes it pretty dynamic in-terms of gameplay. And you’ll be cooking food from roadside hotel to spaceship’s kitchen.

Mary Le Chef

Mary Le Chef is one of the best cooking games for PC and one of the best restaurant games for pc

If you ever wanted to become a solopreneur. And your first wish was to start a restaurant on your own. Then Mary Le Chef is a perfect and of the best restaurant games for pc, especially for you. Because here, you’ll be taking orders from clients.

And cooking their desired food, right away in front of them. If you make them happy with the taste and fast order processing. Then you’ll get a tip, that helps you to renovate your lovely restaurant.

Apart from this, You’ve to keep track of your customers. And always be ready at their service at any time. Because they’ll keep coming and asking for different things. That you’ve to manage while cooking delicious food.

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Cooking Simulator Cakes and Cookies

Cakes and Cookies is one of the best cooking games for android and one of the best restaurant games for pc

Cakes & Cookies is a DLC of our #1 cooking game for PC. Which is the Cooking Simulator. But I’ve listed it here. Because I think, it deserves its own spot. The game has pretty simple rules just like the Cooking simulator.

But the only thing that differentiates it from the real game is. That here you’ll be managing a bakery. And your main task is to curate hotcakes that sells without any break. You’ll have almost every ingredient you’ve ever need.

And not forget to mention, that you’ll be able to curate hundreds of types of Cakes and cookies. That helps you to learn how a bakery works and runs.

The Cooking Game VR

Cooking Vr is one of the best restaurant games for PC
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Want to live the life of a chef, who runs a restaurant full of customers? If yes, then put your VR on. And be ready to get lost in this beautifully animated world. Because here you’ll be completing tasks directly with your bare hands.

And searching for ingredients that helps you to curate food won’t be that easy. Because in this one of the best cooking games for android. You have to act like a real chef, and move your body like you’re born for this.

The game is a cooking game as well as one of the best restaurant management games for PC. Furthermore, The Cooking Game VR does have good graphics with beautiful background music.

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Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash is one of the best cooking games for all the master chef out there

Here’s the first game on our list. That runs on an old-school style story with lovely animation. The game is pretty awesome and makes you feel relax while playing. Because here you’ll be managing time as well as the restaurant to make your clientele happy.

You can upgrade utensils and your skills. That helps you to work faster and provide better services to your customers. The game has hundreds of levels with an attention-grabbing story. Because here you’ll be the star of cooking.

And people love your work on TV as well as in reality. So make your fans happy with some food that makes them hungry again and again.

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Chef Tycoon is one of the best cooking games for PC and one of the bet restaurant games for pc

Finally, we’ve got a game, where you’ll be managing restaurants and your skills simultaneously. Because Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game, is made for those who love challenges. And happy to work on projects that have deadlines.

Therefore, you’ve to grow your restaurant by making delicious food. And generating enough profit to cultivate your kitchen. The graphics are adorable and have beautiful detailing to make you happy as well.

That’s why I personally think that it’s one of the best cooking games for Pc. And of course, one of the best restaurant games for PC. Where you’ll be unlocking skills and utensils with every level you complete.

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Cook Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Cook Serve, Delicious! 3?! is an amazing game where you'll be roaming around the city to serve and cook food

Now, it’s time to participate in National Foodtruck Championship. Where you’ll be traveling around the country in your Foodtruck. And providing delicious food to your customers. Although it’s a third-installment of this quirky game.

But still, it keeps the legacy of the previous games. And provides an amazing experience to the gamers. Unlike any other one of the best cooking games for PC. Here you’ll be cooking mostly street food. Because, after all, you’re working on the streets.

Apart from this, if you love easy to play games. Where you don’t have to do things in a certain time limit. Then you should definitely try the Chill mode of this one of the best restaurant games for PC. Because in that mode, you can curate food at your own pace without having a deadline.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a beautiful game where you'll be learning how to manage time and cooking food

Cooking Fever is a perfect Cooking game for those. Who loves fast games that need accurate actions. The customers come to your window for asking various things at once. And your task is to provide tasty food asap.

You’ve to cook and serve in the given time. Otherwise, customers will go without paying a single dime. The game has a vast variety of dishes. From which you’ve to choose for your clients. As a result, it confuses you to choose the right option in the given time.

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Battle Chef Brigade

battle Chef Brigade is an amazing action game, where you'll be managing restaurant

This one of the best cooking games for PC. Or one of the best restaurant games for PC. Is a perfect fit for those, who love anime, loves action games, love hand-drawn artworks, and loves cooking. Because it’s an Anime type cooking game. Where you’ll be fighting against monsters to kill them for your food needs.

You’ll be cooking delicious food from the monsters’ flesh. And you’ve to search for other ingredients as well. That makes your food tastier. The game is not so cooking centric. But yes, you’ll be fighting and cooking simultaneously. That helps you to perform multitask easily.

The gameplay of this one of the best cooking games for PC is very easy. And a 9-year-old child could also play this game easily. Apart from these things, a lot of new ad crazy stuff is available in this one of the best restaurant games for PC. So you should check it out by yourself.

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