9 Best Clone Apps for android to balance work & personal life

Whether you’re running multiple accounts of your brand. Or just have a spare account to stalk people around you on Social Media. You’ll always be looking for one of the best clone apps for android. That allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. And this is because these clone apps allow making clones of almost any application. That can be used or installed on android devices.

9 Best Clone Apps for android to balance work & personal life

10 Best Clone Apps for Android

Therefore, I’ve curated this article. Where I’ve listed some of the best clone apps for android. That makes your work easy. And helps you to bifurcate professional & personal lives from each other. After all, who wants to mix things up and make them a mess. And everyone loves a well-maintained life.

So without wasting any single second of your precious time. Let’s dive into the list of best Clone Apps for Android. That helps you to balance professional and personal lives.

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Multiple Accounts

10 Best Clone Apps for Android

This is #1 & one of the best clone apps for android users. Because Multiple Accounts is a very good alternative to Parallel Space. And it also supports most of the apps like social media, games, and some pre-installed or default apps. It means you’re allowed to create clones of any app without any bugs and errors. Also, create different Gmail accounts for your games and easily bifurcate your professional and personal life with the Multiple Accounts clone app. 

The best part of this app is, that it consumes very little memory to operate. It means you’ll get good performance from this app without compromising anything. And this app is trusted by five million people so don’t worry it’ll not steal your data. One last thing about this app is, that it only takes 6MB of storage from your device which is a pretty cool thing.

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Clone App

10 Best Clone Apps for Android

I really like this Clone App because of its cool features like dark mode, and zero ads. It means you can use this app without watching annoying ads with a premium feel. The dark mode feature is for those who usually use their phones at night time. Another good thing about Clone App is, that it is a very small size app which takes only 8MB of your device storage. And if you want to hide clone apps from people then you can also customize icons of those clones.

A lot of people love to customize their things and for those this app is perfect. Because Clone App is fully customizable with different types of themes. You can also choose modes like Gold, blue and cyan. In these modes, your app’s default color will also change. And one last thing is, that you can send dynamic stickers to your friends with the help of the Clone App.

Multi Parallel

10 Best Clone Apps for Android

Multi Parallel is an app that allows you to make many clones of a single app. It means if you’re a person like me who manage different websites with their social media accounts. Then this clone app is made for you. Also, hide all the clone apps from people with the password protection of Multi Parallel. And if you want to customize icons of the cloned apps then it is also a cup of tea. Because everything in this app is very easy to understand. 

You couldn’t do a lot of things in this app but the developers are focused to give you a secure clone app. Because you’d find a lot of options to hide or protect your double apps from intruders like a fingerprint, password, and pin. You’d also switch apps fastly with the help of a bar which could be seen in your notification section.

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Do Multiple Accounts

10 Best Clone Apps for Android

This app duplicator is known for its simplistic user interface with a smooth design. Like the Multi Parallel app which is on our list, this clone creator also allows you to create so many duplicates of a single app. And you’d easily use different accounts simultaneously with the help of switch app shortcuts. Also, hide or lock your extra apps from people. You’d also use lite mode if you’re thinking that your android device is running slow. 

Sometimes identifying the same apps with the same icon is a bit difficult. So you can create icon tags for your extra accounts to identify them quickly and easily. You can also show or hide notifications of all the cloned apps.

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10 Best Clone Apps for Android

Every Social Media or game you’ve heard of can be cloned by this super amazing clone app. The 2Accounts is one of the best clone apps for android available in the market right now. The interface and design are very smooth with good speed. This app is good for those who want to balance their personal and professional lives. Because it helps them to identify their work and personal notifications. 

The size of 2Accounts is also very small which helps your phone to run fast and smoothly. You can purchase the premium version of this app if you want some more cool dude features for your clones. And sometimes phones can get targeted by malware but don’t worry because 2Accounts will tell you whenever it detects malware on your android device. 

Dr. Clone

10 Best Clone Apps for Android

Dr. Clone is a very famous and well-known app for creating multiple duplicates of your games and social media handles. In Dr. Clone you’d see two tabs that differentiate your hidden or unhidden apps which helps you to find them quickly. You can also use it without watching 3rd party annoying ads, it means Dr. Clone is 100% free to use. The only thing which is not good about this app is, that you can’t make copies of some of your apps and games because they’re not supported by Dr. Clone. 

In the end, I’d say that the interface of this app is quite good and gives you the premium feel while using it.

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Parallel U

One of the best apps to create multiple accounts of a single application

Parallel U is an app that creates the first copy of your lovely games and social media handles. And this app allows you to hide your duplicates with its incognito mode or lock them with a password to protect them from unwanted people. The amazing part of Parallel U is, that it supports most of the top games which you’re playing right now. 

The app is also very small so it doesn’t harm or slow your games while playing them. But the only thing which will annoy you about this app is, that it doesn’t support many apps. So maybe you’ll try to duplicate that app which is not supported by Parallel U which is really frustrating. 

Clone App – Run Multiple Accounts

In this app, you can create multiple accounts of most of your social media handles. But unfortunately, the Clone app doesn’t support so many games. So if you’re a person who wants to play games from multiple accounts then this app is not for you. But if you just want to use different social media handles then you should definitely try it. 

You’d install Play Store as well in this Clone App if you want to use apps that need Google account. The design is also not so cool so if you love decorated and well-finished apps then this app is not for you.

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Dual Space

Best apps to create multiple accounts of a single social media app

Dual Space is an app that is not so popular but works very well and fine. It supports many apps and games which is a pretty good thing. And also a pretty good interface is here to give you a nice user experience. The app size is 11MB and it also consumes a very small portion of your ram and storage. 

After using this app, all I can say is that this app is quite good for those who just want to use multiple accounts in a single mobile. 

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