8 Best Apps to Learn Coding in your android Phone

8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

If you’re here then it means you’re sure or thinking about web designing and want to make a career in this growing field. A study according to BLS shows that this Web Designing industry will be growing with a growth rate of 13% which is higher than any other industry or job profession. So I’ve made a list of best apps to learn coding with your phone.

I personally love coding very much, although I only have basic knowledge of this skill. The Internet is very powerful and it allows you to learn everything you want with your phone or desktop. If you want to learn to code without spending years then it is impossible because everything needs hard work and dedication. But there are some apps that can help you to learn code without any specific knowledge.

So before starting the countdown of best apps to learn coding. I want to tell you guys that this is a field where you can achieve awesome heights of success only if you’re dedicated and ready for hard work. Because reading theory will not help you at all, you need to do practice and make yourself use to with this thing. 

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8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Love gaming and want to learn to code then Mimo is totally made for you. Because Mimo offers you to learn code with gaming format, here you have so many things to learn like Hacking, coding languages, iOS development, and Android development, etc. This app makes learning very easy with its unique interface and easy to use design.

Mimo has been awarded for best learning app in 2018 by Google Play, which is a good indicator for people who believe in editor’s choice apps only, like me. This application have so many modules to learn so whenever you’ll complete one module there is another one waiting for you. And in Mimo here is no limit to learn if you’re totally dedicated to learning things.

The exercises of Mimo are very short and small which helps you to learn things in a little time with a busy working schedule. You can track your progress in the profile bar from which you’d see how much you’ve learned with this application.


  • Learn game development.
  • Android apps development.
  • iOS apps development.
  • supports most of the coding languages.

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Code Hub

8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Code Hub is best for beginners who don’t know a single word of coding because of its awesome and easy to understand lessons. If you’re an Indian guy who doesn’t know English very well, then this app is a life savior for you. Because Code Hub supports Hindi and Telugu languages which is a good thing for those who have some little problem with English. But these languages are in beta mode so you can face some bugs and error while learning with these languages.

If you’re a person who only wants to learn HTML and CSS then go for this application. Because in this you’ll get 50 lessons in 4 chapters which are covering Web, HTML, and CSS with full details. In Code Hub, you can clear your doubts with a simple button on your screen. By pressing that you can directly ask your doubts to people which is a very good thing.

This app supports offline mode which is another good thing, and you can simply sync your data across devices with this app. But if you want to run Code Hub offline then you’ll need chrome.


  • You can use this app offline with the help of a chrome browser.
  • It supports three languages.
  • Instantly clear your doubts with a shortcut button on your screen.
  • You can learn things from video or written format both.

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8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Here comes your personal coding tutor with a blueish finish and smooth design. Encode helps you to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python in very less time. Every time when you complete the theoretical part of your topic it asks you to do it by yourself. This helps you to practice while learning because the only theory isn’t enough to learn to code. If you don’t have a good internet connection.

And want to study offline then you can download your topics and learn them while you’re not online. The offline mode of this application is one of the best features of it. In Encode they always first introduce you to your new topic then teach you how to do that. After teaching you’ve to give a small test which shows how much you’ve learned.

If you’re an iOS user and want to download this application then you can’t find it because this app is known as Knowin in Apple App Store. I don’t know why they made different apps for both the platforms but both are good and easy to use.


  • Track your progress.
  • Bite-size lessons and challenges.

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8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

If you’re a guy who wants to stay up to date with the latest trends and want to increase your skills in any of these topics like Data Science, HTML, SQL, Javascript, Python, Blockchain, CSS, Security, git, Computer Science fundamental, and Linux then Enki is ready to give you its services with awesome interface. Learning with this application is fun and interesting. 

In Enki, you have a dark mode because if you’re a working person and can’t learn to code in the day time. You can easily learn with Enki at night with the help of this mode or theme. Tests of Enki are very according to your skills and development chart. 

You can purchase optional things to increase your experience and learning ability in this application. This app is good for those who want to learn so many things in a little time because of its vast library. 


  • Learn anything you want in the tech field
  • Dark Mode for those who love to work at night
  • You can communicate with people easily.

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Programming Hub: Learn to Code

8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Here comes another editor’s choice code learning app in our list, Programming Hub is one of the best apps to learn coding at your own place. This app helps you from how to build a website to the advance level of coding without showing ads only if you want to become a premium member. So Programming Hub is free to use and with a personalized section of learning.

This app comes up with 5000+ ready-made programs for you and even Forbes said about this application that “if a person wants to learn multiple coding languages then they must download this application”. You can earn certificates while learning and make yourself job-ready and skillful. 

Programming Hub has been awarded by Google in 2017 for the “Best of the Best” award. The compiler of this application is great and it supports more than 20 coding languages, which is higher than any other application that is available for smartphone users. 


  • You can download your courses for offline learning.
  • Most of the premium content is free in this application.
  • So many illustrations that help you to learn with full interest.
  • You can learn through voice commands and GIFS.


8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

A Google product comes here in the 3rd spot of our list of best apps to learn coding. All the other apps on our list are focusing on everything like HTML, CSS, C++ and more. But Grasshopper is totally different from all these apps because it is only dedicated to the javascript language. And you can only learn Javascript language from this application of Google.

I personally used this app and the first lesson of Grasshopper is that you’ve to make a French flag with Jscript. You can learn from this app with the help of games and interesting activities are also there for you to entertain and teach you. And you can solve visual puzzles with the javascript which is way more cooler than any other app in this list.

The most important part of this application is that you don’t have to write codes on your phone. The only thing you’ve to do is select the right code from the bottom of the screen and put it to the right place. After completing tasks you’ve to answer some mini-quizzes to check your knowledge and skills.


  • Realtime feedback is very handy while you’re learning.
  • Putting the code is the best thing because you don’t have to write.
  • Visual base work helps you to remind things easily and fastly.
  • It is totally free.

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Khan Academy

8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Khan Academy is a platform that offers you everything free from quizzes to videoes. Coding will become very easy if you’ll start using this app with full dedication. You can learn things step by step with the help of small and very informative videos. After completing every step or video you have to complete little challenges to test your skills and abilities. 

After completing and learning any coding language you can work on projects to boost your confidence and skills. You can save your favorite video or topic to your bookmark section which is very handy when you want to continue your previous topic. 

While learning from this application ads will not disturb you because this app is totally free to use. If you’re a Canadian then for you this app have 3 types of the Canadian English curriculum. User interface and smoothness are fully loaded here in this app. 


  • Small Videos with huge information.
  • Quizzes are also there to test you.
  • Ads-free user experience.

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Solo Learn

8 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Solo Learn is one of the best apps to learn coding because I’m personally using this application. And so far this app is still surprising me with its awesome features. You can choose any coding language which you want to learn and start from the basic to the advanced level of your journey. Solo Learn displays real-time visuals of your code when you are practicing them. 

The community of this application is very big and helpful, they are always ready to explain to you and clear your doubts. This application gives you challenges after completing any module or course and after every theory, you’ve to solve some questions related to that topic. You can challenge your friends to compare your skills with others.

You can follow the best coders to ask questions from them and even you can ask for some advice from those professionals. The code editor of this application is very smooth and clear you can simply understand things in its free compiler. After completing any modules they give you a certificate which helps to boost your CV reputation.


  • Very big community to help you every time.
  • You can challenge your friends to check your skills.
  • Quizzes after every theory part ended.
  • Compiler design is very good and smooth.
  • Gives you a certificate after completing the course.
  • A forum for Q&A discussions.

So this is the list of 8 Best apps to learn coding. I hope you guys like it.

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