10 Best App Lockers For Android to Gaurd your Privacy

10 Best App Lockers For Android: I know living in the 21st century without a smartphone is unimaginable for many people because of its usefulness and it also makes our lives easier. And because of this, people save their personal, informative, and secretive data in these smartphones. So for those people who want to hide their information and data, developers try to make some best app lockers for android devices. Because Android is dominating the smartphones’ OS market with a total share of 87% which is too much.

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

According to a study of Statista, there are 3.3 Billion people using smartphones every day. It means 42.63% of the population is having a smartphone in their pockets. And I know it is a very big number but in the next few years this number will increase and more people will start using smartphones.

So keeping all these things in our mind, we’ve made this list of 10 best app Lockers for android devices. and After reading this list, you can easily choose which app locker you should install or delete(if you’ve already installed an app) on your smartphone. 

So let’s start of Countdown of 10 Best App Lockers for Android

App Lock: Parental Control by Jrummy apps

10 Best App Lockers for android users

This application is developed by Jrummy Apps and with the help of this application, you can secure your personal files from unwanted people. This app has Bear lock which gives you different types of security like a Fingerprint scanner, Pattern lock, and Pin which allows you to put any type of password to secure your files. Here the Bear is known as Jasper the bear who guards all your stuff with his power and loyalty.

You can see a greenish finish in this application which is pretty good and normal. You can hide your personal notifications with the help of this app and also can put an invisible pattern that helps you to decrease the risk of your pattern to be seen by other people. It has a Fake Error screen feature that shows an error screen to intruder whom you don’t want to show your files. It also has Snooze Protection Feature which gives you the freedom to unlock all apps for a particular timeline.

Key Features :

  •  Fake Error Screen is very handy 
  • Snooze Protection feature allows you to unlock your apps when you’re at home.
  • Flexible Locking system.
  • Save your apps by unauthorized uninstalls.

App lock by Kunkun

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

App lock is developed or created by Kunkun apps, here in this application, you can use pattern and keypad locks. Hide your personal pictures and videos with the help of App lock. And also customize this application according to your interest because it allows you to change its skin. You can put water drops as your pattern or make it simple by just adding a picture on the background screen. The design of this app is very smooth and fast.

App lock allows you to lock your incoming calls and it also has a power saver mode which saves your battery for a long day. It also has the feature to save your apps from unauthorized uninstalls. this app supports multi-languages which is good for those people who want to use the application in their native language. You can use on-screen fingerprint scanner features if you love to use the latest trends and techs. But I’d recommend you to not use the On-screen Fingerprint Scanner.

Key Feature :

  • Supports multi-languages.
  • On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner who loves trend and want to follow them.
  • Customizable Skin.
  • So many themes to use and make it cooler.
  • Lower space with lower power consumption.

Nox Security by Nox Ltd.

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

Nox Security is developed by the Nox ltd and this is an all in one app which gives you full protection from virus to the intruders. You can hide your notifications preview with the help of Nox and save your Girlfriend’s text messages to be seen by your friends and family. If you’re irritated by so many unwanted notifications then Nox will hide all those notifications which you don’t want to see in your smartphone. 

The app locker of Nox helps you to lock all those apps which you want to hide from other people. It allows you to lock your applications with patterns and passwords. Block those numbers from which you don’t want to receive calls and secure yourself from spammers. It also cleans your memory to make your phone more fast and awesome. Secure yourself from the Wifi hackers because Nox tells you whether the wifi you’re using is secured or unsecured.

Key Features :

  • You can block annoying useless notifications.
  • Block calls from spammers.
  • Lock your apps with different types of security functions.
  • Clean your memory to make your phone fast.

Hide It Pro by Anuj Tenani

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

Hide it Pro is an app locker that is developed by Anuj Tenani. If you’ve ever watched James Bond movie then while using this app you’d feel the same as him. Because This is an app that looks like an audio manager but works like an app locker. You can go to the app locker by holding the title in that audio manager for 4 seconds. The interface of this application is not so cool but it has so many features to amaze you. 

Hide your photos, videos, and apps with the help of this application. A cloud backup feature is also available here. This helps you to save your personal data in cloud storage and gives you some free space on your smartphone. All your private photos will be saved in a folder that is dedicated to photos. And you can even see all the pictures in the slideshow feature of this app.

Key features :

  • Cloud storage for all your photos and videos for free.
  • Slideshow feature for your hidden pictures.
  • You can hide the whole app with the help of Hide It Pro.
  • Secret Chatting feature.
  • Multiple lock screen features.

App Locker by Kylian Mbapee

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

This App Locker is developed by Kylian Mbapee. It is a fully customizable locker that gives you full security and an awesome user interface. You can hide your pictures and videos without any problem. Lock your applications to save your secret and personal data from your friends who always touch your phone without your permission. Lock your smartphone in three different styles which are the pattern, pin, and fingerprint scanner.

Optimize your phone with the help of this app’s optimizer and clean your phone to make it fast and smooth. Download different types of themes for App locker to make your locker awesome. The special feature of this application is that it takes pictures of people who put the wrong password on your phone or try to open your phone without your permission. 

Key Features :

  • Capture pictures of intruders who try to open your phone without permission.
  • Cleaner which helps you to clean your phone.
  • More than 10+ themes are there for you to customize.
  • 3 Re lock options for you.

Norton App Lock

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

I think that this app doesn’t need any introduction here because Norton is one of the best antivirus available for computers. Most of us already know about this company and the application. So here is Norton’s App locker which helps you to hide your files and media from people whom you don’t like. I personally use Norton whenever I think that I’ve data that is not shareable or showable. This app is one of the best app locker for android devices. 

Norton App Lock automatically recommends you to lock certain apps which looks like confidential or something like that. It also takes pictures of a thief or a person who failed to open your phone after 3 attempts. The design of this app is the dark greenish and very clean interface to help you understand things easily in the app. The size of this app is very small which is a good thing for people who have a phone with low storage.

Key Features :

  • It captures pictures of intruders who fail to open the phone after 3 attempts.
  • Automatic recommendations for critical apps.
  • The small size of the app.

LOCX App Lock by Thememaker.studio

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

This application is developed by Thememaker.studio. LOCX is one of the best and well-recognized apps by the people right now in the market. It also has one of the best photo vaults to secure your pictures and videos and make them disappeared for the people. LOCX have a greenish interface with smooth and fast design. This app size is 1.8MB which is very small and good for old smartphones which don’t have so much space. 

 A lot of themes are available in the gallery of this application which helps you to customize your app easily. You can disguise your apps with the help of the Chameleon feature of the LOCX application. Hide your pattern from people who peek in your phone in buses and metros. Protect your emails from other people who have bad habits to check your mailbox without permission.

Key Feature :

  • The chameleon feature helps you to disguise your apps.
  • So many themes to customize your app locker.
  • Photo vault to protect your pictures from people.
  • Video Vault to safeguard your videos.

CM Locker by Cheetah Mobile

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

CM Locker is developed by Cheetah mobile. A full customizer app locker with so many features and things to do. Wallpapers are also available in the app to make your app more classy and awesome. Themes with different styles are also there for you to customize your application. Capture pictures of those who want to access your personal data without your permission or trying to steal something from your phone. And because of these features I’ve added this app in our list of 10 best app lockers for android users.

CM Locker tells you details about the weather forecast and keeps you update about the weather. You can chat on your favorite social media apps through this locker without unlocking your smartphone or favorite apps. If you’re thinking about downloading a music player for you then don’t worry. Because CM Locker also has its own music player on which you can play music easily. Connect your Facebook with CM locker to remotely lock or locate your phone and even put a siren on it. 

Key Features :

  • Connect your Facebook to remotely lock or locate your phone easily.
  • Weather Forecast keeps you up to date.
  • Chat on favorite social media apps without unlocking your phone.
  • It has its own music player where you can play music easily.

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Vault by CXZH. Ltd

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

This Vault application is developed by CXZH. Ltd. If you feel insecure after hiding all your files from any app locker and still want more protection than Vault is made for you. Because you can hide all your files and even save them on cloud storage with awesome security without any problem. It has a call reminder to never let you miss any important call of yours which is very handy. 

Browse secretly with the help of this app and secure all your history from other people or intruders. If you think that you’d forget your password so easily then set a recovery email to reset your password again. Make a fake vault to confuse people and secure your files more easily. Transfer your hidden or unhidden files with the Vault app. If you’re going to change the phone then don’t worry you can transfer all your data with the help of this app. 

Key Features : 

  • It gives you cloud storage to save your data.
  • Set a recovery mail if you think that you’d forget the password of this app.
  • The secret browser helps you to secure all your browsing history.
  • A call reminder is also there to never miss your important call.

AppLock by DoMobile Lab

10 Best App Locker For Android -  Techy Nickk

Applock is developed or created by the DoMobile lab. This is one of the oldest and best app lockers for android in the market. Over 100+ million people have downloaded this app and using it. I personally used this app a lot whenever I need to hide something from my friends and family. Applock supports more than 50+ languages, which is good for those who feel comfortable in their native languages. It has so many free themes with premium themes also. 

The best thing about this app lock is that you can also hide this app from people which is very awesome. Whenever you want to find the hidden app lock you just need to enter “*#*#12345#*#*”  this number on your dial pad and then automatically your hidden app will appear on the screen. You can hide everything on your smartphone and make your phone very secure and bulletproof. 

Key Features :

  • Hide your Applock also that helps to hide everything more efficiently.
  • 50+ languages supported by this application.
  • Simple and fast design.
  • Cloud Backup is also available here.

So I hope, You guys like this list of 10 best app lockers for android users list on our blog.

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