10 Best Animation Apps for Android for video creation

I know animation movies and videos are very hard to make. And so many people think that to create an animation video, you’d need a computer with high specifications. But the time has been changed and now an ordinary person can also create beautiful animations with his/her smartphone. That’s why we’ve created a list of 10 best animation apps for Android users. With the help of these apps, you can easily create a stunning and beautiful animation video on your phone.

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

So no worries, if you’re lacking behind in the skills of video editing or you don’t have a good computer to make awesome videos. Because after reading this article you’ll be able to create animated videos with the help of your android phone.

Before starting the list of 10 best animation apps for android. I want to tell you guys that you must have at least an android device with 2GB of Ram. Because creating a video is not an easy task and your phone’s processor and Ram will bear the load of your activities.

It means a low memory smartphone could also crash while making animated videos. So keep this thing in mind to have an average phone to create awesome videos.

Here is also a video of 5 best animation apps for Android. Check it Out

StickDraw – Animation Maker

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

StickDraw is an animation maker app that helps you to create cool stickman animations. In this app, you can create a lot of simple or sketch type animation videos without any problem. Simply create different layers according to your video story.

Then merge them in a way to make your animated video more beautiful. Create different objects with the help of your finger. The controls of StickDraw is very easy to use and also easy to understand. Choose different types of objects like square, circle, rectangle, and triangle to make your videos more unique.

Like I said earlier the control panel of this app is very easy, you can easily manage or design your handmade layers or designs. You can select different graphics at a single time by holding them.

Copy and paste those designs which you want to repeat in your animated video. If you don’t like the white background and want to make your video more colorful. Then you can put images or colors on the background of the video.

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Toon Blocks

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

A lot of items to create a stunning and beautiful animation are available in the Toon Blocks. I really enjoy while using this app because of its easy to use interface and good design. You can create layers to make a beautiful animated video and show off your skills in front of your friends.

Choose different elements directly from the corner of this app and use them in your animated image. You’ll see things like rocks, water, bushes, people, dinosaurs, animals, trees, fire, and more.

In Toon Blocks you’ll see the category of different types of elements to help you find things faster. Something went wrong while making your animation don’t worry because you can undo your editing easily.

You can rotate and adjust the size of elements to make them more good in your very own image. The most important thing is that this app is free, so you can easily create things according to your creativity level.

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Picsart Animator: GIF & Video

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

Picsart is a very well known name in the image editing field of the smartphone. But now this famous company is also focusing on the animation part as well. That’s why they’ve created an app that is totally dedicated to the animation videos and GIFS creation.

Create step by step layers to make an animation video or GIF. The navigation tool in the Picsart animator helps you to navigate your different layers more quickly than any other app on this list.

Even add multiple layers in the video to double-check your work. Make your animation more cool with your own sound. You can easily add sound layers to your animation to make it unforgettable and rememberable.

If you’re a person like me who loves using and creating GIFs, then you should try Picsart Animator. Because you can create GIFs from your own pictures and also can upload them on your social media handles.

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Enlight Pixaloop – Photo Animator

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

Make animations of your own images easily with the help of very famous Enlight Pixaloop. Because with just one click you can move the whole area which is selected. And bring your images to life with the help of tools.

A lot of overlay effects are available in this app to make your image more classy. Use different types of cinematics to make your image different from others. All the tools are available on the home screen of this apps.

Easily create moving waterfalls and stuff like that with the help of powerful tools of Enlight Pixaloop. If you want your images to move, then you must check out this app on Google’s play store.

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Stop Motion Studio

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

A very powerful video editor or animator app is here, which is known as Stop Motion Studio. Choose a bunch of images or layers to convert them into a beautiful animated video. Put different types of stickers or images on your video to make your video more eye-catchy.

Select different types of background images for your creative videos. I’d say that you’ll see a lot of elements and tools in this app. From which you can create and edit animation videos. which is very good for those who want to make awesome videos.

The interface of this app is very easy to understand. It means you don’t need any tutorials to learn how to use this awesome app. Easily add credits, titles, and subtitles to your videos and make them more professional.

Edit individual layers one by one to make them more natural in your animated videos. You can create videos in full HD and save them into your device. Also can upload all the stuff in HD on YouTube to become famous on social media.

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3D Pixel Animation Maker

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

This app allows you to make MP4 and GIFs in the pixel format. The control center of this app appears in the left corner of your phone’s screen. So while making content on this app you can easily control things from the left control bar.

Here also you’d create layers to make videos and this is a good thing because of its editor tools. Because you can easily edit or delete layers in this app. Set different canvas sizes in your every other video to make it fantastic.

If you want to create something which is not available in the gallery of this app. Then don’t worry because you can simply create things in the draw section of this app. It also has a community of veteran animators.

So you can use stuff that is created by other people in the community section of this app. Also, ask help from others or get creative ideas from professionals in the animation field.

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Animation Desk

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

A very big canvas in this app is available to make creative content for your animated videos. On the left side of the canvas, you’d see tools like colors, and eraser to fill colors or also can erase them with ease.

On top of the canvas, you can edit or delete the name of the layer. And on the right section, you’d see a variety of brushes to make your layer or content more awesome and cool. This app also allows you to select those colors which you’ll be using more in the making process.

The user interface of this app is nice. It means you can easily access all the features of this app without any problem. A very vast variety of colors, so don’t worry if you’re thinking out of the box to create something new.

24 FPS(frame per second) is supported by Animation Desk which is pretty good. The most important thing is that this app will work awesome on tabs and iPads.

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

After using this app, all I can say about it is, that this is one of the best animation apps for android. Because of its unique tools and interface, this app stands alone in the animation apps market for the android. Easily draw things that are in your creative mind.

In this app, you’ll see tools like brush, lasso, paint, and more. Add music on your layers and feel the animation while watching it. On the bottom of your screen, you’ll navigate amongst all the layers which you’ve created in Flipaclip.

After creating awesome videos you can also participate in the contest in this app to win prizes. Also can compete with others to improve your animation skills more quickly.

You can add images and videos from the third party sources if you’re having trouble to draw things. Create videos in HD format for your social media handles. I personally recommend this animation app for android users because of its unique interface and design.

Stick Nodes: Stickman Animator

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

If you’re a person like me who loves stickman games and also want to create something like this superhero. Then Stick Nodes is an app, that is only made up for you. You can create beautiful stories of the stickman to entertain yourself or relive your childhood time when you played this game.

The interface of this app is very easy to understand which makes it one of the best animation apps for android users. Add and track frames or layers on the top of the screen of your android device.

The left side of your screen is totally dedicated to the control center. From where you can edit or delete things on your layers. With the help of simple dots, you can create your animations easily and add movement in them.

Import stickman figures on your video, if you’re facing trouble in making one. Also, the tools of Stick Nodes Animator is one of the easiest tools in this whole animation apps list to understand. The most important thing in this app is that it supports 5 languages. Which are Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Turkish.

Toontastic 3D

10 Best Animation Apps for Android

On our list of 10 best animation apps for android, the #1 spot is taken by the Google product which is known as Toontastic 3D. In this app, you can create your own characters on the canvas. Draw different things for your animation video to make it more natural and cool.

Record your own voice to add it to the video or you can also add your own face on the characters you made. A lot of themes are also available in Toontastic to help you in making videos.

A lot of characters are already available in Toontastic 3d to help you save time and make videos faster. The app is very easy to use, so creating new characters in Toontastic will be a cup of tea for the majority of the people.

This app also wins more than 3 awards of best animation or creative apps. So I personally think this app is the best animation apps for android. Because I also used it and Toontastic is a very stable and easy to use app, in the market right now.

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