10 Best Android Games for Girls

The gaming industry is one of those industries which is growing rapidly with a growth rate of 18%  in 2018. Even it is estimated that video games could reach a $300 billion dollar industry by 2025. Every day hundreds of people download games on their phones, computer, and consoles and girls are also playing games a lot. Girls are 45% of total gamers in the U.S. That’s why we’ve curated this list of 10 best android games for girls.

Even the average age of gamer girls/females in the U.S is 36 years. So while talking about games we can’t forget to talk about girls in our conversation. That’s why I wrote this article about 10 best android games for girls.

10 Best Android Games For Girls

And if we’ll talk about only mobile gamers then girls are dominating this platform because according to the new study of highsnobiety.com 63% of mobile gamers are females and 60% of them play games every day which is more then that of male community in the mobile gaming industry.

So in mobile everyone knows Android is dominating the smartphone OS market that’s why we’re going to talk about 10 best android games for girls, available in the play store. 

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Candy Crush: Soda Saga

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Here comes the Candy Crush: Soda Saga at the 10th spot on our list. In this game, you just have to match three candies in a single row and bam you’ll get points. If you’re a girl who loves to play puzzle type games and likes candies then you must download Candy Crush: Soda Saga. This game is different from any other Candy Crush game.

Because here you’ve to find candy bears in most of the levels and you have to fill every box of candy with the purple soda. This game is very addictive and you’ll never find the end of Candy Crush: Soda Saga because with every update developers add some new levels and exciting modes. After all these things I’d say you’ll love the background songs of Candy Crush.

Size – 62 MB

Download link – Candy Crush; Soda Saga

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

10 Best Android Games for Girls

CATS is an online multiplayer game where you can fight with unknown players and beat them with your car. You can customize your whole car according to your preference and if you’re are a girl who loves to create things and who is curious to know how things work then you must download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

Here you’ve to unlock the latest weapon for your car to beat enemies and win the match. In CATS you’ve to clear 24 stages to reach the finals and then you’d become the star of this game globally. CATS is developed by the developers of Cut the Rope, it means there will be no compromise with the graphics and the gameplay. So go ahead and use the customized weapons to defeat your enemies.

Size – 77 MB

Download Link – CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

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My Bakery Empire

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Hey if you want to become the CEO of your own startup then My Bakery Empire will fulfill your dream because here you’ve to create the whole empire of your bakery business. The mouth-watering gameplay will make you hungry and cute characters are there for you to entertain. If you’re a girl who loves cooking and interested in bakery and love cakes than you must download this game.

In My Bakery Empire, customers will place orders and you have to make cakes according to their needs. In this game, you’d participate in different types of contests and become the winner of those contests. After completing so many orders you’d even unlock new bakeries to expand your bakery business which is very awesome. 

Size – 47 MB

Download Link – My Bakery Empire

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Masha and the Bear

10 Best Android Games for Girls

If you’re familiar with the Russian TV show Masha and the Bear then you must know that how cool the story was. In this TV show, a retired circus bear decides to live a peaceful life in the middle of a forest but after that, a girl named Masha comes to the forest and met the Bear and changes the life of a peaceful bear. You can watch episodes of Masha and the Bear on Voot and Netflix.

Now let’s talk about the game. Here come Masha and the Bear in the 7th spot on our list. In this game, you’ll get more than 30+ educational games and you can learn a lot with all these games. Masha and the Bear is made for the small age kids to grow their learning power. So if you’ve got a baby girl then you must download this game for her because of games like words search, drawing, and some puzzles to boost your kid’s ability to get things.

Size – 33 MB

Download Link – Masha and the Bear

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Fruit Ninja

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Fruit Ninja is a game where you’ve to slice fruits with your presence of mind. This game demands full focus from the player because while slicing fruits you’ve to avoid bombs. You can get awesome fruit combos and time limits can give you a lot of stress while playing this game. Background sound is awesome graphics are very good and this is easy to play the game.

You can unlock different types of blades from which you can slice the fruits and every blade contains some extra power in it. After improving your skills, you can even join events in this game to unlock new blades easily. For girls, it’s a time killer so if you want to pass your time quickly then you should check out this game.

Size – 74 MB

Download Link – Fruit Ninja

Hay Day

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Here comes Hay Day where you can create your own farm but first you’ve to clear the place from the bushes and small grass which is not good for your farming plans. In this game, you can make shelters for your pet animals like pigs, sheep, and horses. You can create awesome things on your farm and talk to your neighbors globally which is a very good feature of this game.

If you’re a girl who is curious to know about farming or interested in the same field then you can download this game to get some idea that how farming looks like and how much hard it is. Here you can trade your things to the person who is willing to purchase or need that thing. In Hay Day you’ve to feed animals and take care of them. 

Size – 109 MB

Download Link – Hay Day

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Angry Birds

10 Best Android Games for Girls

When wingless birds are angry and want to take revenge then you must stay out from their way. The whole game is based on birds who are angry because of the pigs who stole bird’s eggs. In Angry Birds, you’ll see different types of birds with different types of powers I personally enjoy this game a lot while playing it because of its a puzzle game with funny background sound and lovely graphics.

this is one of the best android games for girls because you’ll see so many characters which are specially made for the girls and showing the women empowerment in this game. The story mode of Angry Birds is very amazing and interesting because you’ll see every time some new things in this game. So if you’re a girl who likes to play puzzle game with the story then you must download this game.

Size – Depends on which part you want to download

Download Link – Angry Birds

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Cut the Rope 2

10 Best Android Games for Girls

I’ve played Cut the Rope 2 a lot because it is a very addictive and awesome game. In this game, you’ve to cut the ropes and make way for candy to reach the Om named monster like a baby. In Cut the Rope 2 you’ll see so many different characters to play with and everyone have their own abilities. Girl’s mind processing power is more than that of boys that’s why in best android games for girls list there are so many puzzle type games.

You’ll never get bored by playing this game because you’ll find different places in this game and even you can unlock new things. And if you’re tired of solving puzzles in Cut the Rope 2 then you can watch cartoon stories of this epic game without closing the application. 

Size – 51 MB 

Download Link – Cut the Rope 2

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Pet Rescue Saga

10 Best Android Games for Girls

This game is a bit different from others because in this you just need to match two same color boxes and bam you’ll get points but while getting scores you need to save pets to clear the level because this is the main work in Pet Rescue Saga. If you’re a girl who loves pets and wants to save some baby animals then you must download this game because here you’ll get the right opportunity.

In this game, you have to save many types of baby animals like puppy, pig, and turtle. Some extra features like explosions balloons, boosters, and many more things are waiting for you in Pet Rescue Saga. You can compete with your friends and go-ahead from them in this game. That’s why I’ve added this game on my best android games for girls list. And the interesting part of this game is that every 2 weeks new levels added to this game.

Size – 82 MB 

Download link – Per Rescue Saga

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Candy Crush: Saga

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Candy Crush: Saga is the game where you can crush as much as candies you want in the limited moves. This game is dominated by women because 69% of users of this game are women. All I can for this game is that you’ll never get bored from it because of hundreds of levels with new challenges and lovely graphics will tell you to play this game more and more.

Good things about Candy Crush is that you’ll never lose your progress if you’ve logged in with your Facebook account and awesome extra boost up features which will help you to clear the levels. Game is full of chocolate and candies so if you love candies and chocolates then this game is for you. Candy Crush Saga is one of the best android game for girls.

Size – 90 MB

Download Link – Candy Crush: Saga

I hope you guys like this list of 10 Best Android Games for girls list.

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