11 best 3rd party app stores for Android Smartphones

11 best 3rd party apps for android smartphones

Downloading apps in your android device isn’t rocket science. But there are a lot of apps, that you can’t download from the play store. That’s why we’ve made this list of best 3rd party app stores for android. Because many apps don’t follow the rules of play store that leads them to get vanished from this platform.

Also, the availability of an app or game on your play store could depend on your country or smartphone. Because many apps are just made for a particular country or region. So in this case, we’d use 3rd party app stores to download APKs. Whether that app launches for your country or not.

11 best 3rd party apps for android smartphones

So I hope you guys understand, why we need 3rd Party app stores in some cases. Although there a lot of websites and apps from where you can download your favorite applications. But here we’ll be talking about one of the best 3rd party app stores for Android devices.

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Amazon App Stores

11 Best 3rd party app stores for android

After capturing a large share of the market in the e-commerce industry. Now Amazon is working in sectors like web services and video streaming. But this isn’t enough for them. Because now Amazon have its own app store from where you’d download a vast variety of applications and games.

Like Google’s Play Store, you’ll get a lot of categories in this platform to search for apps easily. Also, a lot of apps are available in this store that you’ll never find on your play store. I personally like this tool, that’s why it’s on our list of best 3rd party app stores for android.

APK Mirror

APK Mirror app store

This isn’t an app, you’ve to search it on Google, and then you’ll find the website of APK Mirror. I’ve personally used this website a lot in my childhood to download APKs of many apps. I’d say, that you’d find literally everything on this website.

Because APK Mirror provides us the obb data as well, which is an amazing thing. Also, you’d download different versions of apps or games. Although there a lot of features on this website. But we’re covering only the most important ones.

The one last feature, I want to tell you guys is, that you’d check which android version the app supports.

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Default App Store on Smartphone

Galaxy store

I know many people weren’t expecting this name on our list. But you guys shouldn’t underestimate the power of a default app store. That is given by the company of your smartphone manufacturers. Every smartphone company like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, and Vivo gives you a default app store.

From where you’d download a lot of different types of apps easily. Also, these apps have a nice and unique UI that gives you a premium look as well. That’s why these apps could be used to fulfill your extra needs. And I’ve personally used a lot of these types of apps, that’s why it’s on our list of best 3rd party app stores for android.


APKpure Store

Another amazing website is here on our list. APKpure is one of the best most famous and well-recognized websites. It has an amazing user interface and a very big gallery of applications and games. You name it and APKpure have it. Also, you’d download the app of this well-known website to download APKs from a single click.

Although you’ll not find this app on the regular play store. And you’ve to download it from their website itself. But after installing this app on your smartphone. Every app and game you’ve heard the name of will be available in your single click.

And I’ve also used this website a lot in my childhood, that’s why it’s here on our list of best 3rd Party Apps for android

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Appvn stores

Like APKpure, you’d download favorite apps from your it’s website and app. Both things are available easily, but you’d not find the Appvn on Google’s Play Store. So you’ve to download it from its official website. And like any other 3rd party app store, you’d find everything on this website.

The blueish UI of this app looks simple and feels very smooth. Also, the download speed of this website is pretty fast. So I’d highly recommend you guys to try this 3rd party once in your life.


Aptoide apps

An all in one App Store is here on our list. Because Aptoide could install and delete apps to free up some storage on your smartphone. All the functionalities are similar to Google’s play store. Like you’ll see the editor’s choice app on the top. Also, so many categories to choose from.

The user interface of its website and application is mind-blowing. You’d easily find the latest apps on the top of your screen. Also, you’d control to show up adult apps as well, which make it different from any other best 3rd party app stores for android.

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Getjar best 3rd party app stores

Search and download apps easily from its website and app. Getjar is one of the oldest apps on our list. Because it was created in 2004 by a Lithuanian national. You’ll find hundreds of games and applications in its arsenal, which make is amazing.

I’m not a very big of its website and app, but because of the vast variety of options. I’ve included this on our list of best 3rd app stores for android. Every time you download any game from this, it’ll ask you to download it from the play store or Getjar.

1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market

Another amazing app that I really like is here. Because 1Mobile Market is also one of the oldest app stores available in the market right now. 1Mobile Market is one of those apps from where I use to download apps in my childhood. You’d resume and pause your downloads easily.

Also, manage all apps from its app manager tool, which is very helpful. The user interface is also very simple and fresh looking. 1Mobile Market runs very smoothly in mostly every android device. So I’d highly recommend you guys to download and use this one of the best 3rd party apps for android.

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I guess most people already know about this website. Because it provides apps for literally every operating system available in the market. If you want to download apps for windows, mac, iOS, and android. Everything is available here and that’s why it’s on our list.

Also, this website never irritates you with so many ads. And you guys could give it a try at least once. The user interface is also normal for Softpedia.


tutuapp best 3rd party app stores

This app also provides apps for both the platforms Android and iOS. But one thing that makes it different from any other best 3rd party app stores for Android is. That it provides premium apps for free. And this is the only reason why I’ve added this on our list.

The logo of this store is a smiling white bunny. And it supports only those smartphones that have above the android version 4.4. So if you guys want to play paid games for free, then you must download this app.

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yalp best 3rd party app stores

So finally we’ve reached on the last step of our list of best 3rd party apps for android. The design of the Yalp Store is like you’re running an Android smartphone that have 4.1 android version. It means, the developers didn’t work on the design very much.

But I’d say, it has a lot of apps to download which is amazing. And you can’t download premium apps from this app.

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