Apps Like Instagram: 9 Best Websites like Instagram for Android & iOS

Best websites like Instagram or alternatives to Instagram to share photo without any problem

No doubt, Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms. That has over 1 billion monthly active users and 500+ million daily active users. The app is still flourishing & provides a place, where people can share images & videos in front of millions of eyeballs. But still, there are plenty of other apps like Instagram. Or websites like Instagram, where you can do all these things without any hassle.

Therefore, I’ve created this list to let you guys know, which other apps like Instagram you could use to share images and videos. Because Instagram is almost a decade old now. And people who love to try new things have started to look for some of the best apps like Instagram. Or websites like Instagram to feel a new user experience.

Apps Like Instagram: 9 Best Websites like Instagram for Android & iOS

Best websites like Instagram or alternatives to Instagram to share photo without any problem

And if you’re one of those, then this is a call for you. Because we’ve listed some of the best Instagram alternatives you should be using in 2021.

So without wasting your time. Let’s dive into the list of best apps like Instagram for Android & iOS.


Pinterest is one of the best apps like Instagram and websites like Instagram

More like a search engine for images and videos. Pinterest got the #1 spot on our list. Because, if you’re looking for a way to share high-quality images & videos in front of millions of eyeballs. Then Pinterest is your one-stop solution. The app is pretty big not like Instagram though. But here you can follow your favorite brands, websites, people, and celebrities.

Pinterest is known for providing new & brainstorming ideas to people. And every day millions of people log in to their accounts to find some inspiration for their new projects. That’s why Pinterest is one of the best apps like Instagram. That can replace Instagram if you only use it to search for the latest trends & ideas.

Moreover, you can create your boards related to specific topics. And uploading images on Pinterest is known as pinning. It means you’re pinning your images on those digital boards.

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Snapchat is one of the best apps like Instagram or websites like Instagram

Snapchat can’t be left out if we’re talking about the best apps like Instagram. Because both the apps are huge and favorite of teens. Initially, the “Story” feature was introduced by Snapchat and later adapted by Instagram. The app is pretty amazing where you can share live updates with your friends. Snapchat allows you to share your location, real-time images, text-overlays, and a lot more.

So if you’re a person, who loves impermanent posts like stories. And love to share moments as quickly as possible. Then Snapchat could one of the best apps like Instagram, especially for you. You can send messages that disappear after the receiver sees them once or twice. And communicate through images with text-overlays.

However, the AR feature of Snapchat is the best. And people love to create their own bitmoji to make it dance through the AR(Augmented Reality) feature. Moreover, Snapchat has over 300 Million daily active users, which makes it a real competitor of Instagram.


Tumblr is one of the best medium alternatives or sites like medium

Tumblr is already a very big name in the social media industry, where one can share almost everything. Be it images, videos, links, gifs, simple text, and more. The app provides a seamless experience with a beautifully designed interface on their website and the app. Although, you can’t share impermanent stories like Instagram or Snapchat.

But still, it provides almost everything that Instagram has to offer. Tumblr also provides a personal feel. Because here you can customize your page like a website. And make it more appealing than others. You can reblog other people’s posts, images, & videos just like Twitter.

And finally, Tumblr allows you to use hashtags in your posts, which makes it easy to get find by people around the community.

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Twitter is one of the best sites like Instagram right now

Although, Twitter is not a perfect contender on this list. But it does provide a highly active community. That provides evergreen content in the form of images, videos, & sometimes links. All the major companies, celebrities, and brands are available on Twitter. The app helps you to find the latest trends and news. You can share things from hashtags.

If you’re using Instagram to get the latest updates from industries. Then Twitter could a perfect fit for you.


Imgur is definitely one of the best websites like Instagram. Because this website provides an infinite feed of the latest memes, trends, & GIFs. The website is accessible on platforms like Windows, Android, & iOS, which makes it a good competitor of Instagram.

Although, Imgur isn’t famous like Instagram and many people don’t know about it. But still, if you’re in love with the latest memes and always looking for something new. Then Imgur could be the friend, you’re looking for ages.


I personally love Retrcia because it’s some amazing filters, that no other app offers. You can even share images on its own platform where thousands of people share their moments and edited pictures. This one of the best apps like Instagram have more than 180 different filters to make your photos more quirky.

Retrica is a perfect alternative to Instagram for those, who love Instagram’s filters. And fond of likes and comments. Because Retrica is more like a social media that provides way more filters than any other app on this list. Although, the app is new but still, it provides an amazing user experience that you should be checking out.

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Reddit is an amazing website to share images and videos

Reddit itself isn’t a competitor of Instagram. But the reason why I listed this app here is, that most of the memes started their journey from here. Reddit has a very big and active community of teens as well as adults. Where people share content in almost every form. You can share videos, images, texts, links, and GIFs without any problem.

In Reddit, people create groups related to particular topics where they discuss and share the latest news. So if you’re using Instagram to get the latest insights of any topic, product, brand, or industry. Then Reddit could be one of the best apps like Instagram, especially for you. In addition to that, this website like Instagram is pretty spam-proof, thanks to its moderators.


Best Indian Social Media Apps for Android and iOS and best alternative to chinese apps in India

A recently launched social media platform originated in India. In Elyments, you’re free to share images, videos, and simple texts. The app has a pretty neat and clean interface. You can read news like Twitter, play games like Facebook, and share images like Instagram. The app is a combination of all the social media giants with over 4.3-star ratings on the Google play store.

The app is a must-try social media platform that provides all the features netizens are looking for.


Many of you guys must be surprised here, that why I’ve added Pixabay to this list. Because we’ve created a stereotype, that Pixabay is only good for copyright images, right? But this website can do a lot more than you know about it. Because here you’re free to create an account and can share your clicked pictures to grab the attention of the world.

People can contact you for your awesome shots and give you credits on their images. That helps you to gain some exposure in the real world. So Pixabay is one of the best apps like Instagram, if you’re a photographer and looking for some attention.

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