Chat Apps Like Kik: 15 Best Similar Apps like Kik to Chat Effortlessly

Chat Apps Like Kik to help you text your friends effortlessly

Looking for the best chat apps like Kik? Then you’re at the right place as now we’re about to check out the best apps that are similar to Kik messenger. Kik was known for its simplicity and the minimalistic features it provides. However, many people start leaving the messenger because of the unfortunate rise of spam accounts on the platform.

So if you’re one of those people who are now done with those spammy users and looking for some real people to connect with, then this list is more than enough for you. All these apps are renowned and have millions of users worldwide.

So let’s check out the best chat apps like Kik to help you make friends and text messages without any hurdles.

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Telegram is an updated version of Kik where instant messaging has become a real deal. The application itself is faster than any other random chat apps like Kik around the world. You can find public channels where you can’t send messages but can view and participate in events. Likewise Kik, users can hide their mobile numbers from other users to secure their identity.

You can create a unique username that helps other people to search and text you without any problem. Moreover, you can decide whether you want to share your number with people or not. I use this mind-blowing alternative to Kik as it also has end-to-end encryption to secure our chats from unprecedented times. 

Telegram itself is in the market since 2013 and made its reputation as one of the biggest rivals of Whatsapp which is owned by Facebook.


Another big boy on the list is here. Viber is an Israeli-made messaging application similar to Kik. It’s one of the oldest text-messaging services in the world with over 800 million active monthly users worldwide. The app is known for its video calling feature and the public chat groups it provides. You can simply connect with people like it’s nothing but child’s play. Viber allows up to 20 members in a video call and thousands of people in public chats.    

So if you’re bored and want to engage with people around the globe, then Viber is something you must have on your side. The public chat group can be found easily with a normal search of your favorite topic, news, or event. You can find tons of amazing features after just creating an account. So don’t hold up and check out this one of the best chat apps like Kik.

Messenger by Meta (Facebook)

I don’t know about you but I’ve countless memories with this chat app. It was the only application that I had used a lot in my school years. The popularity of Messenger is gradually fading but still, it’s a powerful one of the best chat apps like Kik messenger at this time. You can easily chat with your Facebook friends by searching their names on the search bar.

However, if you’re bored and want something thrilling in your life. Then you’re free to chat with strangers by searching names of random people. I know it’s not the best way to find people to chat with. But it’s the easiest way to find legitimate people and avoid the spammy users who spread nothing but vulgarize the online community.

The Messenger has tons of features from sending audio messages to video calling your friends. You can download emojis’ packs to make your conversation a bit unique than others.


With more than 300 million monthly active users worldwide. Snapchat stands amongst the biggest social media platforms around the world. The app is known for its glossy filters and the snaps users share with each other to communicate. 

Unlike Kik, Snapchat works a bit differently where you’ve to share images with people instead of texting them directly. You’re free to text your friends though, but sending images regularly helps you earn snap points that look beautiful on your profile.

After earning enough snap points, you can brag about it and share it with your friends. You’re free to hide your details from people and stay anonymous while texting or maintain a snap streak with them. You can search people by their names or Snapchat itself new people to connect with to help you form relationships. Like Kik, Snapchat is one of the best random chat apps where users can do various things.


If you’re someone who loves to engage with people online, then this is something you should definitely try out. Tango is more like a social media platform where users can easily connect with people. The interface is quite decent and you can find people without breaking a sweat. Tango has features like Go Live, Public Chat Rooms, and more to keep you on the platform for a longer period. 

Tango is more like a community of people where everything is open and anyone can chat with anyone they like. It’s an amazing app to try once if you’re looking for something unique. 


A slightly different one of the best chat apps like Kik. Kakaotalk is an application that comes up with numerous chat features. You can find new people and make them your friends. The app has features like video/audio calls and more. If it’s not enough, then you can add friends from around the world and easily can share your thoughts with them. 

It’s also one of the best oldest chat applications which were launched in 2010. So if you’re looking for a unique way to find new friends to chat with, then Kakaotalk would be one of the best chat apps like Kik, especially for you.


Yubo is a fun-to-use messenger chat app like Kik which was launched in 2015. The application is known for its coolness and the features it provides. You can easily search for people and could make new friends without a single thought. The best part about Yubo is that you can hide your personal details and roam around new communities without concerning about your data.

Likewise Instagram and Facebook, you can go live to help other people find you with ease. The app also has a community section where you can find like-minded people and chat with them. Apart from all this stuff, Yubo has various games to keep you busy on the application.

So if you’re looking for an app loaded with games, communities, chat-feature, and a secure environment, then Yubo could be a perfect fit.


A social media application that has amazing features to help you chat with strangers. The app has an interface like Facebook, where you can share your thoughts, posts images, and upload videos without any restrictions. You can easily find friends from the suggestion tab and chat with them without revealing your true identity.

This one of the best free chat apps like Kik has millions of active/engaging users. Likewise Yubo, you can search communities around specific topics and find related content to them. The app has all the features that you could ever need from an instant messaging app. So don’t waste your time and check out this one of the best chat apps like Kik.


If you love the public group feature of Kik and looking for something like that in other apps, then GroupMe is here to rescue. The parent company of this one of the best chat apps like Kik is Skype. They acquired this messaging app way back in 2010 and the is still flourishing. You can find people and chat with them in public groups. 

The app has some exclusive emojis that could make your chats meaningful with strangers. You can log in to your account from android, iOS, and desktop which helps you stay connected with friends without any hassle. There are no limitations in GroupMe if you love chatting in groups. So don’t forget to check out this one of the best messengers like Kik.

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