All 9 Titan Shifters Ranked by Their Intelligence Lower to Highest

Every Titan Shifter Ranked by Their Intelligence from Dumbest to Smartest

Warning: Attack on Titan Spoilers Ahead

What makes Attack on Titan a masterpiece? If I’ll ask any AOT fan this question, they’ll probably list a dozen of things in a brink of an eye. But what truly makes this franchise a stand-out anime is its character development. Now I know beautiful animation, perfect storyline, & other things are there too. But character development in anime is one thing that can’t be excluded from our conversations.

Attack on Titan is by far one of the best anime series with almost everything in it. And if we dig down a bit deeper, we can see how perfectly Hajime Isayama(Writer of AOT) developed his every character to easily fit in the story of this series. Moreover, today we’ll be listing some of our titan shifters by their intelligence. 

We’ve listed all these titan shifters by their intelligence & emotions. So let’s find out our smartest Titan Shifters from the Attack on Titan series.

Karl Fritz

Karl Fritz is the least intelligent Titan Shifter in the Attack of Titan franchise

Without a doubt, one of the most sorrowful characters who want nothing but the destruction of his own people. After realizing the atrocities his ancestors did to Marley & other nations in the past. King Fritz wants nothing but a fine day when a nation declares war against Paradis Island and turns the whole Eldian empire into dust.

I don’t have any grudges against him as he did the right thing to stop the war and always needed peace for the world. But waiting for doomsday is something only a psychopath can do. He never shows a single sign of intelligence and even erased memories of Eldians just to eradicate the threat of revolt by his own people. All these reasons are enough to put him on this spot on our list.

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Falco Grice

Falco is one of the most intelligent Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan's series

Here’s the current inheritor of Jaw Titan. Falco Grice is a character not so charming at the beginning of his introduction. At first, he seems like a child whose opinions never reach his tongue. Always failing in military training just like an ordinary boy is something that made him less effective at the start. To be honest, I never knew he could become something important in later Manga chapters. 

But after a few chapters, Falco proved everyone wrong. He’s the only inheritor of Jaw Titan who figured out that Jaw Titan can fly as well. He’s the kid who never rushes to conclusions and always thinks rationally before taking action. Furthermore, coming up with a story when Falco & Gabi were lost in the forest wasn’t something that anybody can do.

Eren Jeager

Eren stands on the 7 spot of our smartest titan shifters

Eren is no doubt one of the best characters in anime history. But his impulsive actions always led to his abductions or even worse. We’ve seen hundreds of soldiers die just to save Eren throughout his journey. Whether we’re talking about the first time he fought against Annie(Female Titan) or when he was fighting the Armored Titan. Every time, he needs Mikasa to save him as he never had a plan to go forward with.

But in later chapters, Eren comes up with strategies and cunning plans to destroy Marley. Eren even strategizes the whole Marlean attack while in touch with Paradis only through letters. In later chapters of AOT, Eren proved himself that he’s not an impulsive kid anymore and can think rationally.

Grisha Jeager

Grisha Jeager is one of the smartest titan shifters in AOT

If talking about sheer intelligence, then Grisha Jeager is no doubt an intelligent character with strategic skills. He’s the one who became the leader of the “Restorationalists” group of Marley. He manages to secretly get intel while concurrently working as a doctor in Marley. Thanks to Zeke Jeager, Grisha ended up becoming a titan and the whole “Restorationalistst” group got killed by the Marlean forces.

Grisha Jeager wasn’t self-aware of his true potential. He always undermine himself and always kept himself in a self-distrust state. This leads to his downfall and he eventually gets succumbed to Eren and his plans.

Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun is one of the smartest Titan Shifters of Attack on Titan

Reiner Braun was one of the most intimidating characters of AOT since the beginning. He was the second most powerful character just right after Mikasa of the 104th Survey Corps unit. However, strength isn’t the only thing that makes Reiner an attractive titan shifter in the series. At first, likewise Falco, Reiner too struggled throughout his training in Marley. But with time, he proved himself and become the de facto leader of the infiltration mission to retrieve the Founding Titan. 

He is a strategic thinker and a visionary leader who successfully breaches the Wall Maria. 

Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger is one of the smartest Titan Shifters of the whole Attack on Titan Series

A character that doesn’t get enough screen time yet become one of the most important characters of Attack on Titan. Pieck Finger is a calm, intelligent and beautiful young woman who almost got Eren with Porco Galliard. A cunning character who deceived Eren in the latter half of the final season. Unlike any other character, Pieck never rushes to the conclusions and always keeps her eye everywhere.

She first demonstrated her intelligence back in Marley when Yelena trapped Porco & her in a hole specifically made for them. She smartly informed her fellow warriors to follow them as soon as she suspect something weird with the soldier(Yelena). Moreover, in the battle of Levi vs. Beast Titan, Pieck saved Zeke & Reiner and ran back to their base.

Anni Leoneheart

A charming woman who knows how to overcome any situation. Anni is a powerful & smart young lady who knows her strengths & weaknesses. Her ability to use both of these traits in her favor makes her invincible in battles like the first Eren vs. Annie fight. She’s a tactical titan shifter who always thinks beyond others’ expectations. Annie never let herself get fooled by propaganda and always did what was best for her.

Proof of her intelligence is when Armin, Eren, & Mikasa was luring her into a tunnel trap. Back then, everything seems normal but suddenly Annie stopped, and figuring out what’s the real reason was something a normal person can’t do. She’s definitely something else and deserves more praise than this.


Armin is the second most intelligent Titan Shifter in the Attack on Titan Series

A succinct paragraph is more than enough to tell you guys how smart & intelligent Armin is. Right after getting into the training corps, Armin never missed a single chance to prove his supremacy. However, in the first few episodes, he was a crybaby who can’t even stand for himself. But his intelligence makes everything balance out for him. He might not be the strongest person in the room. But Armin’s sharp mind can easily turn tables to his side.

Armin was the only one who suspects Anni, Reiner, & Bertholdt’s titan secret. He’s the guy who made plans for his team to claim victory in battles. Even characters like Eren, Mikasa, & others rely on him to come up with a plan. Armin is no doubt one of the sharpest & intelligent titan shifters just right after Zeke Jeager.

Zeke Jeager

Zeke Jeager is the smartest Titan Shifter in the whole Attack on Titan Series

Zeke’s whole character is a personification of intelligence in the Attack of Titan series. A cold character who can do anything to achieve his goals. Zeke’s calculative decision-making quality is what makes him inimitable in the whole series. This character never lets emotions decide his actions and never really cares how many people are going to die just to achieve his goal.

If you’ve somehow ended up in the AOT universe, then Zeke is the one you would need on your side. To achieve his “Euthanization” plan, Zeke didn’t hesitate to work with both Eldians & Marleans sides. He even secretly abandoned his Marlean warrior unit and fights against them in the last chapters of AOT. 

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